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Action Adventure

The Gem of Greenway
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The Gem of Greenway The 3rd instalment of the Panacea Quest sees Batair crowned King of Eerikki.

Finally Lady Corina of Greenway has claimed Rhain as her Lord. Returning to Greenway to start a new life accompanied by their newly invested Sword Master, Albern. After fulfilling his duties as Trabant to the young Batair, Albern has more than earned his new position as Sword Master of Greenway. Finding plenty has changed to his homeland after twenty-one cycles, the former spy finds not all is right. Especially when it comes to an arrogant Chamberlain. There is also a beautiful redhaired woman that literally drops into his arms. Her curves intrigue him as much as her refusal to speak. As she offers no name, he calls her "Amaryllis" the colour of her hair reminding him of the delicate bloom. No one knows her full story. Only that Valiant and the Elite Warriors rescued her from a long captivity, at the abusive hands of the Dishonoured. Reminders can be seen in the scars that cross her body. Can the largest and strongest of all the Elite Warriors work out what Arawn's mortal agents have planned for Greenway? Will he be able to protect his Lady and her new Lord? And what is the name of his beautiful Amaryllis?
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The Flowers of Frode
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There is nothing wilting about these delicate blooms.

Second book of the Panacea Quest, sees us adventuring to the Great Library of Frode were so called wise men toil to accumulate knowledge.

Our tale this time centres around the sisters of Elite Warrior Valiant, the six women known as the Flowers of Frode.  They are intelligent, beautiful and trapped in a male dominated world.  

Their journey includes love, loss, struggles and redemption.  Will they get what they want? Or will they be destined to be used as pawns in the political games of others.

The Goddess Minerva and her Supreme Warrior Kopis still fight to re-establish balance within the Realms of MarDav.  While, Arawn, the Underworld God of Terror and demonic mortal agents plague their efforts and drastically effect the lives of Minerva's mortal blessed children.
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Chrysalis of the Creator
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Nara is a human female that is brutally attacked, an attack she is not meant to survive. At her moment of greatest despair she prays for the creator to "Save her or show her to her next existence."

About to succumb to her injuries a brilliant light announces the arrival of being she believes are the creators Archangels, the ones he has sent to save her.

She awakes only to find herself transported 400 years into the future. In this time the Earth in fact the Milky Way no longer exist, destroyed by the idiocy of humanity.

The beings she believes to be her Archangels are actually a space-faring race called Galacticans. Who have been questing for thousands of years seeking what they call "Echoes in Time" which she is apparently one of. But she is no normal Echo.

Nara questions her own sanity when she discovers that she is the reincarnation of the Architect Creator. Regardless if this adventure is fantasy or fact she must see it through.

With the help of the Galactican crew of the Battleship Ignis, her first task is to discover her true abilities known as wisdom's. Abilities she will need if she is to restore balance and fight an evil that is spreading across the universes like a disease.

While this is the first book of the Echoes in Time Series it can be read and enjoyed as a stand alone story.

US Readers please be aware that as the author is Australian this book is written using UK English.
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