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The Tempest of Eerikki

The Tempest of Eerikki

The Tempest of Eerikki
A paladin's coming of age tale
The Panacea Quest 1
Published by MJ Treloar
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When a Tempest is more than a violent storm.

When the touch of a demonic force starts to create imbalance, two great divine beings decide to create a cure. Tempest is the fifteen cycle daughter of two great deities. Her care is entrusted to the Sword Master of Eerikki strongest to train to become an Elite Warrior in her own right.
Is she the panacea or will she become just another victim of the darkness of the dishonoured?

Book 1 - The Panacea Quest

  • Within the eight turbulent Realms of MarDav, a young girl arrives.

    Tempest, the mortal child of the Divine Goddess and the Supreme Warrior, is entrusted to the care and protection of the Sword Master of Eerikki, William Tambers, so he may train her to become an Elite Warrior.

    Known for their Immense Size, Strength and Battle Skills, Elite Warriors are the best of the best and all sworn to protect the realms of MarDav.

    Tempest suddenly finds herself surrounded by other warrior trainees known as Neophytes on the practice fields.  Oly two challenges she is neither six foot nor male.

    Tempest may have been gifted with immortal abilities like dea Viribus (which is the Devine strength and lusts of ten warriors) but will she live long enough to control her immortal gifts and become an Elite Warrior.

    Or will the Dark Lord Arawn and mortal agents (the Dishonoured) destroy the panacea meant to bring equipoise back to MarDav?

    “The Tempest of Eerikki” is the first book of the The Panacea Quest Series an epic tale of battle-hardened warriors, fanatical dishonoured zealots, divine intervention and the coming of age of the greatest gift.

    Courageous fight scenes, mischievous multidimensional characters with lusts and loves aplenty, this is but the beginning of the adventures with the characters of the Panacea Quest.

    This Book does contain - Adult content
Paperback | 205 pages | $19.00 AUD | 21.5cm x 14cm | 9781636498232 | December 31, 2020