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the flowers of frode

The Flowers of Frode

The Flowers of Frode
The Panacea Quest 1
Published by MJ Treloar
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There is nothing wilting about these delicate blooms.

  • Second book of the Panacea Quest, sees us adventuring to the Great Library of Frode were so called wise men toil to accumulate knowledge.

    Our tale this time centres around the sisters of Elite Warrior Valiant, the six women known as the Flowers of Frode.  They are intelligent, beautiful and trapped in a male dominated world.  

    Their journey includes love, loss, struggles and redemption.  Will they get what they want? Or will they be destined to be used as pawns in the political games of others.

    The Goddess Minerva and her Supreme Warrior Kopis still fight to re-establish balance within the Realms of MarDav.  While, Arawn, the Underworld God of Terror and demonic mortal agents plague their efforts and drastically effect the lives of Minerva's mortal blessed children.
Paperback | $19.00 AUD | 21.5cm x 14cm | 9781637520161 | December 31, 2020

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